We truly believe every single person on Earth deserves a life filled with passion, joy, and love.
— Jordan and Chelsea Lou

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Everyone deserves to feel connected, grounded, and at peace. It can be hard to break through the cultural facade of society and deal with energetic blockages within our bodies that are keeping us from abundance and love. You create your reality and we can help you achieve the reality you want. 

You will tell us which area(s) of life you would like help in. We are particularly passionate about marriage coaching, but also assist in the areas of relationships, money, health & food, abundance, time, work, hobbies, or other areas where you would like to either find or spark some passion. Then, we will prepare a session tailored to you and your needs.

It is most effective to have more than one session. We believe that a three month or six month commitment is the best way to help you truly embrace a passionate life. It will also clear multiple layers of energetic buildup in the area you have chosen. Learn more about energy work here.


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Think Powerfully. Live Passionately
— Jordan & Chelsea Lou


*After completing the scheduling form, we will send you an email with a link to pay for the session(s) via PayPal. After your payment is received, we will schedule your session(s). Refunds will be addressed on a case-by-case basis and will be issued to the satisfaction of all parties involved.