Energy exists all around us. It also exists in us. Emotions are energy. Thoughts are energy. We are energy. 

Since many people are new to the concept of energy work, here are a few basics to get you started: 

Our physical body is made of water, muscles, organs, nerves, atoms, cells, etc. There are also various energy bodies within and around our physical body that contribute to how well our body and mind function. These include a few you may have heard about such as chakras, the aura, and meridians. There are also other energy bodies such as the life axis and the assemblage point. All of these things help make you who you are. They keep your body alive. 

Negative energy may be stored within the various energy bodies. This negative energy can cause depression, anxiety, procrastination, and so much more. The negative energy can also cause energetic blockages and attract more negativity into our lives in the form of events that seem to keep repeating themselves, comments from people, relationships that do not last, and more. 

Negative energetic blockages can be caused by traumatic life events, generational patterns that have been passed down the family line, and absorbed emotions from other people. All of these things affect your everyday life and can be keeping you from fully living the life you feel you deserve. A life you do deserve! 

Clearing these blockages allows positive energy to flow into you. This helps you shift more quickly to who you truly are. You are magnificent, joyful, abundant, and passionate. 

There are many different modalities for energy work. Chelsea uses distance healing which means she does not need to be with the person she is working on. She uses her intuition and muscle testing to clear any negative, dark energy. After, she replaces it with light and usually there are healing words, or affirmations, that also flow into the body to help the body shift back to truth.

We include energy work in our coaching sessions in order to help you get to where you want to be as fast as possible and with as little resistance as possible.

For more information about energy work, please listen to Episode 10 of our podcast!