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JCP #17: Checking In

From the County Fair to Cancun, we've been doing some fun things as a family and and will not be putting out an episode next week. This is just a short check-in episode with a few helpful tips to keep you feeling your best.

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JCP #16: Let Go and Be Still

In this episode we discuss how to be still and exist where you are today. Doing this allows you to trust more fully in God or the Universal Source and to see that you are supported in every moment of your life. This stillness also allows you to more easily let go of expectations and worry which are keeping you from experiencing your most passionate life.

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JCP #14: It's About More than Money

We are conditioned to believe that we need to spend massive amounts of effort to attain success. What exactly is success? Is the effort to attain that success worth disconnecting from your inner self, God, and your family and friends? In this episode, we help you to arrive in the present moment and attain lasting, true success.

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JCP #13: Finding Alignment

Living in a state of alignment makes life so much more satisfying and joyful. In this episode we introduce you to the topic of living in alignment and how it is achieved. Drudgery exhaustion can be put behind you if you live by the principles discussed in this episode.

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