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JCP S2:E3: Alex Morgan

In this episode we interviewed Alex Morgan. Alex is the owner of Mellow Entertainment. We get into mindfulness, how the law of attraction has worked for him and also get some great ideas for keeping things in perspective and the power of good old fashioned work ethic. We loved having him on the show and hope you enjoy his perspectives. 

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JCP S2:E1: Accepting Change

In this episode we fill you all in on our 3 month hiatus. We discuss what events happened and how we applied the principles we talked about last year to help us through. We also show just how suprising God/the universe can be at answering our desires.

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JCP #14: It's About More than Money

We are conditioned to believe that we need to spend massive amounts of effort to attain success. What exactly is success? Is the effort to attain that success worth disconnecting from your inner self, God, and your family and friends? In this episode, we help you to arrive in the present moment and attain lasting, true success.

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JCP #7: Money Matters

Money brings food to the table, keeps a roof over our head, funds our adventures, and helps us bless other people. In this episode we discuss different techniques for keeping our energy open to receiving money and for eliminating inhibiting thoughts regarding money.

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